From: "Paul Mison" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> On 07/06/2001 at 10:45 +0100, Robert Shiels wrote:
> >Between 5 and 6pm I'll be wandering up and down TCR looking for a new
> >Sony Clie is my preferred choice at the moment. If anyone knows a good
> >shop,
> >or is good at haggling and wants to help, I'm on 07801 814138.
> When this came up on IRC I asked at Micro Anvika who wanted 240 ukp inc
> vat for the basic package (8MB onboard, 8MB memory stick, etc). Mark
> Fowler paid about the same, but after haggling his way up and down the
> street, so I'd just cut the hassle and go there.

PCWorld were doing it for 249gbp, so I suppose 240gbp will save me a bit.
Thanks everyone, it's nice to know in advance the kind of price to expect.
I'm crap at haggling too. btw will charge me 252.63, (includes 10p&p). Not very good if
they can't undercut PCWorld.


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