On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 10:40:32PM +0000, Uwe Stöhr wrote:
> Am 05.04.2018 um 04:47 schrieb Scott Kostyshak:

> Again, the MiKTeX update doesn't break anything, see above and we spoke
> about this now a dozen times.

Would you be open to just one more round of discussing this? We could
start a separate email thread and keep it focused on this topic. If we
keep mixing topics then we start going in circles. If we just focus on
one specific issue, I think we can make progress.

> It annoyed me that I had to explain what I mean with "average users". You
> already had you experienced with unexperienced users under Windows. So you
> should understand why I decided in favor of average users and sorted the
> info for the experts out to the release announcement.

I do not like this logic. Basically you are saying to me either "you
have no experience in which case your opinion is not worth anything", or
"you have experience so you should agree with me". It's not possible for
me to both have experience and to diagree?

> Finally, please tell me why it is not sufficient that expert users can read
> the release announcement to make certain MiKTeX settings if they like before
> they use the Win installer and why we should instead bother average users
> with a question that they cannot understand instead and risk that these
> average users will end up with an completely broken MiKTeX if they made the
> wrong decision in the dialog they could not understand?!
> Unless I get no sensible answer to this I won't debate any longer.

I don't think that the average user reads the release notes, and in my
opinion, the risk to the average user comes from not having a dialog, as
I explained my opinion here [1].

> > Working towards an official Windows binary is very important to me.
> What has the installer to do with the binary of LyX? The compilation of the
> lyx.exe doesn't include the Win installer. If you doesn't like to have the
> installer code in our git repository, I will remove it, no problem. Then you
> cannot claim that the installer behavior is a LyX thing. The more I think
> about it, this seems to be the only solution that you can focus again on
> LyX.
> So do you agee, that I remove the installer from LyX's git? If yes, you can
> release LyX as binary and the packages for the different OSes can do their
> job and we save time to debate things not directly related to LyX.
> Alternatively just change the makefile.am files that the Win installer is no
> longer included to LyX releases.

I disagree. I think the LyX installer is an important part of LyX.




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