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2018-02-15 3:29 GMT+01:00 Mc Kiernan Daniel Kian:

    I use BibTeX, because that's what LyX first embraced; and the
version of LyX ported for Fedora still does not support BibLaTeX. Switching to BibLaTeX would involve more time and effort than
    playing with the .tex file, because I would need to revise the
bibliographic database.
Fair enough. I was just asking.

I understood and understand.

    If LyX is not going to support Chicago style except through
    BibLaTeX, then trying to avoid wrestling with the .tex file of the
    paper at hand is not reasonable; though it might well be
    reasonable to migrate to BibLaTeX for future papers.

LyX supports Chicago via BibTeX as well.

Well, I'm not sure that's _really_ true. But, if it is, then explaining how LyX is got to do that would answer my query. Proposing an experimental process by which it is hoped that the answer might be found would be another matter.

    An Example that produced the yowlings about conflicting
specifications would be a crufty non-Minimal non-Working Example. I wasn't seeking to get the yowling decyphered.  My actual query
    stands with or without mentioning those yowlings; my point in
    mentioning them was to preempt a suggestion that merely dropped
    something into the preamble.

You wrote you get LaTeX errors when tweaking with the preamble. We can help you resolving this, but only with an example where we see what goes wrong.

It's not something to resolve. Pursuing that issue is just crufty. If someone asked me how to perform a merge sort, and mentioned en passant that she'd tried something that didn't work, I wouldn't demand that we pore over her code; I'd show her how to write a merge sort. If someone didn't know how to parallel park, I wouldn't demand that he show me what he'd tried; I'd just walk him through the process. If someone didn't know where to buy bread in my neighborhood, I would insist that we look in the stores in which he tried; I'd take him to the right store.

As I have said elsewhere: [1] The proper solution (if there is one) involves understanding the various settings in the Bibliography dialog. I don't, and the documentation is severely wanting, but someone here might understand them well enough to know what to do. [2] There are simply too many variables here for it to be practical to effect what would amount to a multivariate optimization by experimenting with possible configurations and watching what pops-up in the logs or rendering.

If no one here understands the Bibliography settings well enough to answer my question, then I should just generate a .tex file and use other programs to process it.

    Thank you for the .layout file.  I am in fact just playing with
    the damn'd .tex file, and will finish that shortly after
    completing a process of turning useful citations (which identify
    chapters and sections) into lousy citations (which only offer page
    numbers peculiar to the edition used).

    It's very Microsoft-ish if LyX cannot simply be told to disable
    the insertions and other processing associated with the
    Bibliography configuration.

It can, in fact. But what _exactly_ are you trying to disable?

I keep saying exactly what I mean. In this case, I wasn't referring merely to some _part_ of the insertions and other processing associated with the Bibliography configuration; and I used the word “simply” advisedly.

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