The notion that we can lower their levels of stress by subjecting people
to coërcion and to adjustive discrimination is remarkable and at best a
questionable and somewhat desperate stretch, rather than a profound



On 2018-02-15 07:32 , Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan wrote:>
> No, I have a really blunt way of responding to those who are
> condescending or dogmatic rather than at all helpful in response to
> requests for help.  If I'm drowning and you throw a horseshoe, don't
> expect gratitude.
> On 02/14/2018 09:13 PM, Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
>> You have a really funny way of asking for help.
>> el
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>> On 15 Feb 2018, 01:30 +0200, Mc Kiernan Daniel Kian
>> <>, wrote:
>>> That is a signally absurd response.
>>> A minimal example would be an empty LyX document.  I could show you
>>> a screen-shot of an empty preamble, but you presumably know how that
>>> looks.  Likewise for the Bibliography dialog.
>>> I could go a bit further, and post a bibtex file, and a LyX document
>>> with a cite element and bibligraphy element, and ask “What do I do
>>> to get LyX to render that cite element and the bibliogrpahy in
>>> Chicago style?” But, again, you presumably know how bibtex files,
>>> cite elements, and bibliography elements look.
>>> So far, I've seen you post one willfully passive-aggressive response
>>> to one person, and then this foolish response to me.  This list
>>> begins to look to be a source of abuse, rather than constructive
>>> response.
>>> On 02/14/2018 03:11 AM, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
>>>> As a general rule,
>>>> provide a Minimal Working Example, ie the shortest LyX file with
>>>> the shortest BIB file that demonstrates the issue.
>>>> greetings, el
>>>> On 14/02/2018 02:13, Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan wrote:
>>>>> I've an article, prepared in LyX, whose citations and bibliography
>>>>> I need to have rendered in Chicago style.  (Indeed, If I can get
>>>>> the sections titles &c to conform automatically to Chicago-journal
>>>>> style, that would be great.)
>>>>> I'd like to avoid a process of tweaking a .tex file.
>>>>> When I try to handl things by way of the preamble, LyX yowls about
>>>>> conflicting specifications.  If I have to do everything through
>>>>> the preamble or by tweaking a .tex file, then I'd like to know how
>>>>> to disable the build-in Bibliography processing.

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