I use BibTeX, because that's what LyX first embraced; and the version of LyX ported for Fedora still does not support BibLaTeX. Switching to BibLaTeX would involve more time and effort than playing with the .tex file, because I would need to revise the bibliographic database. If LyX is not going to support Chicago style except through BibLaTeX, then trying to avoid wrestling with the .tex file of the paper at hand is not reasonable; though it might well be reasonable to migrate to BibLaTeX for future papers.

An Example that produced the yowlings about conflicting specifications would be a crufty non-Minimal non-Working Example. I wasn't seeking to get the yowling decyphered. My actual query stands with or without mentioning those yowlings; my point in mentioning them was to preempt a suggestion that merely dropped something into the preamble.

Thank you for the .layout file. I am in fact just playing with the damn'd .tex file, and will finish that shortly after completing a process of turning useful citations (which identify chapters and sections) into lousy citations (which only offer page numbers peculiar to the edition used).

It's very Microsoft-ish if LyX cannot simply be told to disable the the insertions and other processing associated with the Bibliography configuration.

On 02/14/2018 05:08 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
Am Dienstag, den 13.02.2018, 16:13 -0800 schrieb Daniel Kian Mc
I've an article, prepared in LyX, whose citations and bibliography I
need to have rendered in Chicago style. (Indeed, If I can get the
sections titles &c to conform automatically to Chicago-journal
that would be great.)

Do you use Biblatex or BibTeX for the bibliography? There's a decent
style for Biblatex (biblatex-chicago), but there are also (probably
less comprehensive) bst styles files for traditional BibTeX, "chicago"
and "achicago". The procedure for tweaking LyX depends on what you want
to use (so elisse's request for a MWE is actually not completely odd).

If you want to use Biblatex, consider testing LyX 2.3rc2. Although it's
considered "unstable", it provides proper support for Biblatex.

As for the document formatting, there is the "turabian-formatting"
package that has an implementation of the Chicago style (and also uses
biblatex-chicago). It ships a turabian-researchpaper class suitable for

I don't know a turabian-researchpaper.layout for LyX, but a simple
portmanteau file as the attached will probably do for a start.

I'd like to avoid a process of tweaking a .tex file.

When I try to handl things by way of the preamble, LyX yowls about
conflicting specifications.

To help with this, we'd need to see a MWE, indeed.

If I have to do everything through the
preamble or by tweaking a .tex file, then I'd like to know how to
disable the build-in Bibliography processing.

This depends on the selected approach.


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