> Why are people still using Windows?  My firm gets along without Gates just 
> fine.

I use Windows, almost all of my colleagues use Windows. I know of 1 colleague 
who uses Linux - he is very computer savvy, sets up his own system, hacks LaTeX 
classes, and is not interested in using LyX -- he manages fine with his own 
set-up. Many LaTeX users use alternative tools (TeXnicCenter, etc.).


"Why are people still using Windows?"

Well, fact is: our IT infrastructure is so tied up into Windows based tools, 
that if the choice comes between Windows and LyX, it is LyX that will sink -- 
our management thinks that Word is just fine... I have no problems with LyX 
developers preferring another OS (ref: statement that none of the developers 
use Windows). But if people associated with developing a software tool goes 
public with opinions like “why on earth do people still use Windows”, that 
would make it impossible to advocate the use of that software to Windows users.


Regarding the delay of LyX 2.3.0 for Windows -- v 2.2.3 serves me fine, so I 
can wait. Still, the reason for the problem is not entirely clear to me.

* Yes, I understand that there is a problem with MikTeX in that MikTeX must be 
updated for some technical reason.

* What is not clear is why it is a problem to update MikTeX. My MikTeX console 

  *   Is there a newer MikTeX version?
  *   Is the problem that a (possible) newer version will not be backwards 
  *   If I can update MikTeX to the latest version, install LyX v. 2.3.0, and 
face no problem of backwards compatibility, then I don’t see any problem.


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ROFLMAO, I ask myself this all the time, on multiple mailing lists.

On the bright side, 90% of the heartache doesn't apply to me.


On Sat, 12 May 2018 20:03:09 -0700

John White <j...@whitelawchartered.com<mailto:j...@whitelawchartered.com>> 

> Why are people still using Windows?  My firm gets along without Gates

> just fine.


> John White


> On Friday, May 11, 2018 4:18:17 PM PDT Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:

> > On 05/11/2018 03:37 PM, Jim Rockford wrote:

> > > In my 20+ years in the world of science, I have not known a single

> > > user of Lyx (~50 in total) who wasn't computer savvy.  Why not

> > > just include a warning message that Lyx 2.3.0 may not function

> > > properly with MiKTeX distributions that have not been updated as

> > > recently as some specific date?

> >

> > That is more or less what was proposed by most of the development

> > team: A warning at start-up, that LyX was going to update MikTeX,

> > with an option for the user to abort the install if they wish. The

> > person responsible for the Windows packages refused to include such

> > a warning, and we did not think updating people's other software

> > without asking permission to do so was something we should do. So

> > that has left us in a bad position.

> >

> > We are working now to try to produce a Windows installer.

> > Unfortunately, none of the active development team use Windows, so

> > it is taking longer than it otherwise might. We'd certainly welcome

> > help from someone who does use Windows.

> >

> > Riki


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