On 05/11/2018 03:37 PM, Jim Rockford wrote:
> In my 20+ years in the world of science, I have not known a single
> user of Lyx (~50 in total) who wasn't computer savvy.  Why not just
> include a warning message that Lyx 2.3.0 may not function properly
> with MiKTeX distributions that have not been updated as recently as
> some specific date?

That is more or less what was proposed by most of the development team:
A warning at start-up, that LyX was going to update MikTeX, with an
option for the user to abort the install if they wish. The person
responsible for the Windows packages refused to include such a warning,
and we did not think updating people's other software without asking
permission to do so was something we should do. So that has left us in a
bad position.

We are working now to try to produce a Windows installer. Unfortunately,
none of the active development team use Windows, so it is taking longer
than it otherwise might. We'd certainly welcome help from someone who
does use Windows.


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