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Regarding huge note. I created a new file, pasted some random
generated text in English and Russian, placed them in note an yes, it
is not as bad. But when I pasted my text in Lithuanian to note, it's
almost unusable. Same situation even after converting all text to
plaintext (so there is no notes or links to missing footnotes, only
text). After buffer-anonymize performance is much better, like with
notes in other languages. So, problem is with language, I think –
Lithuanian has letters ąčęėįįšųųūž. So I copied public lithuanian
text to the note. Strangely situation is better (but worse than with
English or Russian notes).
I attached file with public text and I can send file with my text
privately if you wish.
What shall I do to experience bad performance? What is your operating
Of course we've had issues like this with the outliner open. We fixed a
problem like that for branches. Maybe it's the same problem with notes?

I've just created branch, placed my text and behaviour is same as with note – 
sluggishness. Maybe Wayland is to be blamed. But Linux is going in that 

Does the problem depend upon having the outliner open?


No, I don't see any differences, CPU spikes and sluggishness w/o outline too.

OK, thanks. So it's at least not the other issue I had in mind.

Do you also see this with other insets? E.g., footnotes? Does it matter if the top of the inset is still on screen? Or if the bottom is off? Does the inset need to be bigger than the screen for you to see this?

JMard will know better than I, but I think there may be something weird that happens once an inset spans the whole screen.


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