Le 16/10/2021 à 02:39, V K a écrit :
JMarc, it is very good to hear, that there is progress with a big insets. I'm 
working with master (bit outdated, because I compile once in a month or two), 
so I'll check after changes will be merged.
I modified anonymized lyx file with several insets in it. It is working well while insets are closed (regardless of file length), but it is completely unusable after selecting "open all insets" in view toolbar even after anonymization, without Lithuanian letters. Branch inset with several opened huge notes in it is performing extremely bad. I can barely use mouse or touchpad to scroll – it stalls and scrolls after quite a long time with CPU usage rising drastically. I was trapped several times when searched word was in a big inset in my usual file – search opens inset to show a word and it consumes some time to get out of it :).
Insets of hugenote_anon.lyx are ridiculously big, but the bigger is inset the 
more obvious are lag.

I will try it out. I had good performance with your previous file. I think I saw you use debian 11. Is that right? Is it with X11 or Wayland? What GPU?

I can provide a patch for the new code against master. Tell me when you have time to test.

Otherwise, to test the "breakrows" branch, just do
git remote add features git://git.lyx.org/features.git
git checkout --track -b features/breakrows

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