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Le 05/02/2021 à 20:07, V K a écrit :
> Regarding huge note. I created a new file, pasted some random generated text 
> in English and Russian, placed them in note an yes, it is not as bad. But 
> when I pasted my text in Lithuanian to note, it's almost unusable. Same 
> situation even after converting all text to plaintext (so there is no notes 
> or links to missing footnotes, only text). After buffer-anonymize performance 
> is much better, like with notes in other languages. So, problem is with 
> language, I think – Lithuanian has letters ąčęėįįšųųūž. So I copied public 
> lithuanian text to the note. Strangely situation is better (but worse than 
> with English or Russian notes).
> I attached file with public text and I can send file with my text privately 
> if you wish.

What shall I do to experience bad performance? What is your operating 

Manjaro linux, sway, wayland laptop Lenovo X1 yoga (1st generation) (CPU: Dual 
Core Intel Core i7-6600U (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 699/400/3400 MHz Kernel: 
5.10.7-3-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 7h 04m Mem: 6805.1/15417.2 MiB (44.1%) Storage: 
476.94 GiB (90.0% used) SSD NVMe) Open note inset and scroll down (I'm 
scrolling with touchpad), note content must be wisible in Lyx work area. The 
faster scroll, the higher CPU usage, but document moves very slowly and with 
quite a big delay and with big jumps. wayland can be the culprit. I opened lyx 
in xwayland mode and I can scroll through the note only slowly – after 
scrolling fast document are thrown back to initial position. CPU usage about 
70%. In wayland – 99% if scrolling is intensive, up and down.
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