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Manjaro linux, sway, wayland laptop Lenovo X1 yoga (1st generation) (CPU: Dual Core Intel Core i7-6600U (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 699/400/3400 MHz Kernel: 5.10.7-3-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 7h 04m Mem: 6805.1/15417.2 MiB (44.1%) Storage: 476.94 GiB (90.0% used) SSD NVMe) Open note inset and scroll down (I'm scrolling with touchpad), note content must be wisible in Lyx work area. The faster scroll, the higher CPU usage, but document moves very slowly and with quite a big delay and with big jumps. wayland can be the culprit. I opened lyx in xwayland mode and I can scroll through the note only slowly – after scrolling fast document are thrown back to initial position. CPU usage about 70%. In wayland – 99% if scrolling is intensive, up and down.

I can confirm the issue with Wayland. I unfortunately did not find easy way to mitigate the issue. I have idea for a proper fix, but it is a lot of work. I have been successful at procrastinating on that because nobody complained. Now that I have a real use case, I will have to do something about it ;)

The difficulty that we have is that, if we only compute metrics for the text visible on screen, we do not know what the width of the inset is (think a tall table for example). So either we can make the metrics process fast enough (which remains to be seen) or we have to find clever ways to typeset only parts of the inset.

Why does the typesetting part take longer on Wayland?


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