Le 05/02/2021 à 20:07, V K a écrit :
Regarding huge note. I created a new file, pasted some random generated text in 
English and Russian, placed them in note an yes, it is not as bad. But when I 
pasted my text in Lithuanian to note, it's almost unusable. Same situation even 
after converting all text to plaintext (so there is no notes or links to 
missing footnotes, only text). After buffer-anonymize performance is much 
better, like with notes in other languages. So, problem is with language, I 
think – Lithuanian has letters ąčęėįįšųųūž. So I copied public lithuanian text 
to the note. Strangely situation is better (but worse than with English or 
Russian notes).
I attached file with public text and I can send file with my text privately if 
you wish.

Hi Valdemaras, Hi Everyone,

I have made some work regarding big insets in ticket

This was regarding a large branch inset with lots of math insets. I have made some progress there, but not enough. But I believe that the situation is much better regarding plain text. (this work is not merged in master yet).

The case you describe is more just large text insets, but I cannot reproduce any slowness with such file son my computer. Can you give more details about your setting?

Everyone: if you have a file that is terribly slow to edit, please tell me about it.

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