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On 2/5/21 3:10 PM, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:

> Le 05/02/2021 à 20:07, V K a écrit :
>> Regarding huge note. I created a new file, pasted some random 
>> generated text in English and Russian, placed them in note an yes, it 
>> is not as bad. But when I pasted my text in Lithuanian to note, it's 
>> almost unusable. Same situation even after converting all text to 
>> plaintext (so there is no notes or links to missing footnotes, only 
>> text). After buffer-anonymize performance is much better, like with 
>> notes in other languages. So, problem is with language, I think – 
>> Lithuanian has letters ąčęėįįšųųūž. So I copied public lithuanian 
>> text to the note. Strangely situation is better (but worse than with 
>> English or Russian notes).
>> I attached file with public text and I can send file with my text 
>> privately if you wish.
> What shall I do to experience bad performance? What is your operating 
> system?

Of course we've had issues like this with the outliner open. We fixed a 
problem like that for branches. Maybe it's the same problem with notes?

I've just created branch, placed my text and behaviour is same as with note – 
sluggishness. Maybe Wayland is to be blamed. But Linux is going in that 

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