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> I am writing a book where each chapter is typed in a child document.
> The book contains citation from a bib file.
> I am following the instructions here
> ( and am pretty sure
> I created my branch correctly.
> I created a master file, inserted the bib database into it, created a
> branch, created a child document, activated the branch in this child
> doc, and also deativated the branch in the master doc.
> However, I now compile the first chapter and it seems that no
> information regarding the bib database is included in it. When I
> export this child document to a tex file, nothing related to biblatex
> is in the preamble.
> How can I print the cited work when compiling only this chapter?

I think you misunderstood the advice. You should put the bibliography
inset into the branch, not the citation reference. Also, if the child
is supposed to be compiled standalone, it needs to have the proper
bibliography settings as well (biblatex in your case). See attached

Note that an alternative approach is to use Document > Settings > Child
Documents (from the master) and to include only the desired child for
the output (this also prints the master's content, though).


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