>> I am sorry, but I do not understand this. First, I do:
>>>  Document > Settings > Child Document from the master, include
>>> only
>>> the desired child and click "Maintain counters and references”. 
>> And save it. But if I (immediately) check again the setting is back
>> to “Include all children”. 
> The latter shouldn't be the case. How exactly did you try to change
> this setting?
>> When I view the master document, I get the whole document correctly.
> And you should get only the included children (and the master).
>> Suppose I want to edit the included Chapter 2. I can right click on
>> it in the master, to open the LyX version of the included file, and
>> make changes. Now I would like to view those changes, with proper
>> references, citations, and numbering. “View master document” gives an
>> error.  “Buffer-view pdf” does not show the references, citations,
>> and numbering. 
> What error does "View master document" give?
> Jürgen

"error while exporting format: \converter”


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