I am writing a book where each chapter is typed in a child document. The book 
contains citation from a bib file.

I am following the instructions here 
(https://wiki.lyx.org/FAQ/Multidoc#multipart-bib) and am pretty sure I created 
my branch correctly.

I created a master file, inserted the bib database into it, created a branch, 
created a child document, activated the branch in this child doc, and also 
deativated the branch in the master doc.

However, I now compile the first chapter and it seems that no information 
regarding the bib database is included in it. When I export this child document 
to a tex file, nothing related to biblatex is in the preamble.

How can I print the cited work when compiling only this chapter?

A MWE is attached as a zip file.

<<attachment: Ehud-mailing-list-question-13-February.zip>>

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