Dotan Cohen wrote:

Is LyX only good for writing books, then?

It's good for whatever works for you.

Steve Litt likes LyX for writing books. As he's noted before on the list, he doesn't like it for writing short documents, such as letters. When he uses LyX to write a book, he writes the frontmatter in ERT (LaTeX). That's one way of using LyX, and it seems to work well for him.

I use LyX for various types of scholarly articles - including some genres, like collage, that are fairly unlike the typical article. I also use it sometimes for writing short documents such as letters. I like LyX for letters because I find it quick and easy and I don't feel the need to fine-tune the output; I'm happy to let the LaTeX class I'm using do that.

Sometimes when I drive a nail I use a hammer; sometimes I use a nailgun; sometimes I use an air-powered palm nailer. I have different hammers for different tasks. Sometimes I use a hammer where someone else might use a nailgun. You want to use an appropriate tool, but that still leaves you with choices, and different users prefer different trade-offs.

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