Paul A. Rubin wrote:
FWIW, my rule of thumb is that if it's not a job for a text editor (NoteTab Light or Notepad++ on Windows, GEdit on Ubuntu), and it's not a letter, then it's a job for LyX. The only reason I don't use LyX for letters is that our office stationary has boilerplate in both the top margin and the left margin, and I've yet to see a LaTeX class that would accommodate both. So I keep a rusty copy of WordPerfect around for that (and for opening old WP files, of course).

It's fairly easy to put together the LaTeX needed to do such stationary. I've got a LaTeX package I use for my own letters, and there are so many such things around that it's easy to adapt them. Adapting them to LyX is of course just a matter of tweaking the relevant layout file.


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