Denné Reed wrote:
I use LyX for scientific papers but have had problems with both collaborators and editors. Many collaborators are unfamiliar with LyX / LaTeX and it lacks strong collaboration tools (change tracking etc.).

LyX does have change tracking. I've used it. Unfamiliarity is of course something we can change. ;-)

Concrete suggestions for how we could improve collaboration would be more than welcome. Post them here for comment, or on lyx-devel, and then add them to bugzilla once we have some clarity. I know that this is a big issue for a lot of people, and it's something a lot of us think about. It's way too late to do anything on this score for 1.6, but for 1.7....

I've tried sharing drafts with PDF but that requires colleagues to purchase full versions of Acrobat, and still the tools are tracking changes are not as good.

I'm puzzled by this remark. Why does that require Acrobat? Is this for notating PDFs and the like? If so, you might want to look into AREnable: And my understanding is that there are FOSS pdf viewers on the near horizon that will do this.

I've also had problems with journal and book editors, one of which insisted I convert a book chapter written in LyX into Word format despite the fact that the publisher (Elsevier) has a LaTeX document class available. I've also encountered other journals where document classes are not available (e.g. I've not found one for Journal of Biogeography....)

I think we've all had that frustration.


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