It would appear that on Aug 7, Vincent van Ravesteijn did say:

> Magically, the dropdownbox is also shown when the toolbar is hidden (after
> Alt-P <space>)

Well Vincent, I'm glad to hear that it's supposed to work like that.
But it doesn't work that way for me...

I'm using LyX 1.6.3 as emerged for Sabayon Linux 4.2 (the kde/x86-64
version)... When I edited /usr/share/lyx/ui/classic.ui to say:
        "standard" "off,top"
and restarted LyX, I tried the <alt>+<P>[space] shortcut.

When I first pressed <alt>+<P> the status line at the bottom of the LyX
window displayed a long list of options. When I completed the shortcut
by tapping the spacebar the status line briefly indicated that I had
pressed the spacebar, but the dropdownbox did NOT "magically" appear.

Perhaps this "automagic" behavior is dependent on the windowmanager?

I installed the kde version of Sabayon rather than the gnome version
because I'm used to having all the kde tools available to me and I
never liked gnome's interface. HOWEVER kde4 caused me to run screaming
into the arms of enlightenment. And I'm currently using e17 for my
window manager rather than putting up with kde4. Perhaps that could
have something to do with the dropdownbox failing to automagicly appear?

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