> Dealing with Word is a very common question on list, and in
> professional and academic circumstances discussing it -- at exhaustive
> length, since all of the options are well less than perfect -- would
> likely be very helpful.

Yep. More in general, and I would never stop repeating it, LyX is likely to 
become the choice for thousands of non-geek academics and writers, expecially 
humanistic fields. Thus, all of these topics need to be discussed and explained 

1. Collaborating techniques and strategies (along with the "to/from MSWord/Ooo 
2. the other half of the skye (read: humanistic fields)
3. BibLaTeX package (useful for all but expecially for humanists)

But if what you want to write is not a online guide, but a book, it doesn't 
to fiddle with tips and tricks to override problem x or problem y. You should 
concentrate in general strategies and choices, and just point to the tricks we 
can find in the mailing lists or googling.
On point 1) I would treat problems with collaborating with Word-like 
(say 99% of humanistic fields) (there have been recently a thread on this), on 
the best choices for non-scientific writing, on 3) just explain how good can 
package work for almost all needs.                                        
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