2009/11/3 Rob Oakes <rob.oa...@oak-tree.us>:
> Dear LyX Users,
> I'm currently working on a book which shows how professional and
> scientific writing can be done using purely open source tools.  Any book
> about Scientific/Technical/Professional writing on Linux has to include
> one (if not more) chapters on LyX.  Other chapters will look at LaTeX,
> BibTeX, DocBook and the programs that make working with them easier.
> I am writing this letter to see if there are any particular topics which
> people would like to see included in the book.  One example: I'm going
> to devote a chapter on how to create custom LyX layouts and modules from
> existing (or entirely new) LaTeX files.  (I will also be posting several
> other examples on a companion website.)
> But are there other things that you would like to see?  The standard LyX
> documentation is so good that I've found myself struggling to find other
> topics that need to be covered, other than a tremendously quick overview
> of the program and instructions on where to find the docs.

Write couple words about microtype and effects achievable by this
package. It is unfortunately not supported under XeTeX (and will not
be) while it makes PDFs really nicer.

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