Am 01.12.2010 14:00, schrieb Birte Schoettker:

However, the last times I tried to use my added bibliography in Lyx via
"Insert> Citation" it has been missing all entries in my *.bib file or
jabref library alphabetically onwards from Wi*** to Z.
The number of my references in my library is 1898 (!). Is there a
cut-off I am not aware off?

That there is a cutoff is new to me. Does it help if you split your bib-file into 2 files and include them both to LyX? If not, does it help if you are using another citation style file (not harvard)?

Just for my curiosity:

Any help would be highly appreciated (my thesis is due in 4 weeks...yet
again good timing, isn't it?:)).

Respect! 1900s citation in one document is tough. Are you sure anybody will/can have a look at so many citations? I mean its the duty of the professors reviewing/supervising your thesis to look that the citations you made are correct. This already a lot of work for 100 citations. How do they do this for more than 1000?

regards Uwe

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