Birte Schoettker <schoettbier <at>> writes:

<at>  Rainer: I would love to know that, too, how to identify non-ASCII
characters in a bibtex file.

On Linux (or probably most POSIX-compatible systems), you have the iconv
command.  So

iconv -t ASCII myfile.bib | grep iconv

will try to convert your .bib file to ASCII and, if it fails, print the error
message iconv generated (which includes the position of the offending
character).  The position is a character count, not a line/column pair, so it
might be easier to go with

iconv -t ASCII myfile.bib

(which writes the converted file to the display) and see where in the file iconv

There are ports of iconv to Windows as well (I use the MinGW port at home).


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