I have imported a beamer document written previously by Scientific Word
(portable latex). The \begin{frame} and \end{frame} instruction have been
imported as evel red boxes. This is not a problem in itself, but now, when I
introduce a section between two frames Lyx introduces a \lyxframeend
instruction that I do need and that seems to crash the compilation of my
file (I get an emergency stop in Latex, without further information - I have
exported to latex and compiled by hand to see what is going on).

Is this normal that Lyx introduces these \lyxframeend commands even if I
have not used the New Frame environment? How can I correct the problem?
Is \lyxframeend an intelligent problem that is able to check if a frame is
already open (in which case, my problem could be caused by something else)?

Thank you very much for your help!


PS. I also send the message to developers, hoping that they would better
know how \lyxframeend works.

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