On 2011-06-29, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
> 2011/6/29 Guenter Milde <mi...@users.berlios.de>
>> On 2011-06-28, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:

>> > Lyx is not able to recognize \section like commands and translate them to
>> > its environment structure (this is how I got the \lyxframeend problem: I
>> > wanted to have more readable section titles, by selection the
>> corresponding
>> > environment for them).

>> Looks like SW uses non-standard ways to mark up sections. Maybe
>> pre-processing the *.tex file before the LyX import helps.

> sections uses quite standard commands. For example, one of the sections that
> ended up in an ERB is:

> \section{Une br\`{e}ve histoire de la croissance}

> which is quite standard to my eyes.

It is indeed. And usually \section commands are recognized by reLyX,
so it seems something threw it off before this line.


> But, it is strange that \begin{frame} is not recognized by Lyx and end up in
> a ERB. 

The reason is, that there is not Style for the "frame" environment in
the standard beamer.layout file. Instead, there is the "BeginFrame"
style that translates to \lyxframeend{}\lyxframe.

> I could maybe replace them by \lyxframebegin; but that would not be
> simple since I must also handle, in this case, the \frametitle command's
> argument (by transfering it of \lyxframebegin)... That could introduce more
> mess in some cases if I am not careful :-(

I propose an alternative beamer.layout file without all these
"lyxframe...". This is somewhere down on my TODO list (after getting
some more knowledge about beamer).

As a start, you could try to copy beamer.layout to your $LYXDIR/layout/
directory and add a Frame style (definition adapted from my
seminar.layout, not tested):

Style Frame
        LatexType               Environment
        LatexName               frame
        NextNoIndent            1
        Margin                  Static
        LeftMargin              N
        ParIndent               ""
        TopSep                  0.4
        LabelType               Top_Environment
        LabelString             "Landscape Slide:"

Then, re-try the import. If this helps a bit, we can try to devise a
more standard beamer layout.


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