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> On 2011-06-28, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
> > Lyx is not able to recognize \section like commands and translate them to
> > its environment structure (this is how I got the \lyxframeend problem: I
> > wanted to have more readable section titles, by selection the
> corresponding
> > environment for them).
> Looks like SW uses non-standard ways to mark up sections. Maybe
> pre-processing the *.tex file before the LyX import helps.
> > This is really very annoying indeed... We can only gain our co-authors to
> > Lyx if the conversion from Latex is quite painless.
> Indeed. However, conversion from "machine written" LaTeX (be it
> OpenOffice, SW, a Word2TeX converter or some other front end) is
> always even more complicated. Some of these tools do "fingerpainting"
> instead of structring the document.
Hi Günter,
I think that SW produces quite clean Latex files and the coding of the
sections uses quite standard commands. For example, one of the sections that
ended up in an ERB is:

\section{Une br\`{e}ve histoire de la croissance}

which is quite standard to my eyes.

What is not standard in SW is the use of comments for the Tex boxes and they
pollute a lot the final converted document in Lyx. This is why I do clean
them from the tex file before import (using regular expressions bases search
and replace).

But, it is strange that \begin{frame} is not recognized by Lyx and end up in
a ERB. I could maybe replace them by \lyxframebegin; but that would not be
simple since I must also handle, in this case, the \frametitle command's
argument (by transfering it of \lyxframebegin)... That could introduce more
mess in some cases if I am not careful :-(


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