On 06/28/2011 10:27 AM, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
> Thanks Richard,
> This is really bad news for me, since I have a whole bunch of course
> beamers that I would like to convert to Lyx, since I am trying to
> definitely ditch Scientific Word (after having lived for some time
> with both SW and Lyx). 
> My beamer documents are not particularly fancy, with some pauses and
> \onslide etc. options, but Lys seems to suffer a lot from the
> conversion. I also clean all comments from the .tex files, since they
> fill the Lyx window, without any real use. This helps Lyx, but it is
> not very efficient in conversion. Moreover, the error messages I get
> from Latex are not always very helpful (but this another problem, well
> known by me from my latex by hand days ;-)  ).
> Lyx is not able to recognize \section like commands and translate them
> to its environment structure (this is how I got the \lyxframeend
> problem: I wanted to have more readable section titles, by selection
> the corresponding environment for them). Neither options really get
> through the conversion (for onslide, for example, \onslide gets in an
> ERB but not its option, but this does not seem to annoy latex, so no
> problem here).
> This is really very annoying indeed... We can only gain our co-authors
> to Lyx if the conversion from Latex is quite painless.
> How other people handle this? I really would not like to have to
> recreate everything from scratch (even partially, since I have a lot
> of files to convert).
If I were doing this, I'd write a Perl script to handle the clean up.
I've done this already with old documents converted from WordPerfect,
but of course your needs will be different.


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