Thanks Richard,

This is really bad news for me, since I have a whole bunch of course beamers
that I would like to convert to Lyx, since I am trying to definitely ditch
Scientific Word (after having lived for some time with both SW and Lyx).

My beamer documents are not particularly fancy, with some pauses and
\onslide etc. options, but Lys seems to suffer a lot from the conversion. I
also clean all comments from the .tex files, since they fill the Lyx window,
without any real use. This helps Lyx, but it is not very efficient in
conversion. Moreover, the error messages I get from Latex are not always
very helpful (but this another problem, well known by me from my latex by
hand days ;-)  ).

Lyx is not able to recognize \section like commands and translate them to
its environment structure (this is how I got the \lyxframeend problem: I
wanted to have more readable section titles, by selection the corresponding
environment for them). Neither options really get through the conversion
(for onslide, for example, \onslide gets in an ERB but not its option, but
this does not seem to annoy latex, so no problem here).

This is really very annoying indeed... We can only gain our co-authors to
Lyx if the conversion from Latex is quite painless.

How other people handle this? I really would not like to have to recreate
everything from scratch (even partially, since I have a lot of files to


2011/6/28 Richard Heck <>

> **
> On 06/28/2011 09:28 AM, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:
> Just to complete my previous mail by an example, I get the following type
> strange codings (copied from the View latex code window):
>  \end{frame}
> \lyxframeend{}\section{Blabla}
>  The \end{frame} comes from an Evil Red box and \lyxframeend{} is
> introduced without a selection by me of a frame environment.
>   LyX's beamer support is kind of strange, in part because of LyX's
> limited ability to handle arguments and in part because frames act like
> insets but are rendered more like commands. This is why there is the odd
> \lyxframeend{} macro. Anyway, it does not surprise me that LyX has trouble
> importing beamer files properly. I think the only thing you can really do is
> clean it up manually.
> Richard

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