On fry 8 May 2012 Kenedy Torcatt wrote
> Hey guys... I'm working with lyx in spanish, The mathematical operator
> like sin are showing in english "sin". I need this math operators in
> spanish, I mean "sen".
> How can I do this with lyx? I'm using latest version 2.0.3.

> Thankyou in advance.

> P.S: I already set the language in spanish, everything else is fine
(in spanish).

The function 'sen' is predefined in the latex package babel-spanish,
so you write in math mode the command \sen and you get sen, that's all
E.g., in math mode insert
\sen space a

and the output is
sen a
This command are not available in the math panels

There is info about the functions predefined in Spanish (sen, arcsen, tg,...)
in the section 15.1 of the spanish version manual 'Math' (Ecuaciones)


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