On 2012-05-24, Ignacio García wrote:
> Rudi Gaelzer <rgaelzer <at> gmail.com> writes:

>> Ignacio, the best solution is to define a math macro:

> Well, that's right, BUT _if the document language is Spanish_ none of
> that is needed, since babel-spanish does it automatically for you. You
> writes simply "\sen" (or "senh", "\tg"...) inside the ecuation. That's
> all you have to do. (The set of math predefined functions in Spanish is
> available in the Spanish version of the manual "Math", sec. 15.1) 

However, if you want \sen to look like \sin in the LyX math box (without
instant preview), a "dummy" math-macro (i.e. in a comment, note or branch)
is your friend.


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