On 2012-05-21, Julio Rojas wrote:
> Well Ignacio, If I create an Spanish document, and use "\sin x", Lyx
> (on screen) renders it as "sin x". If I use "\sen x", Lyx will render
> it (again, on screen) as "\sen x". What I would like is that by using
> localization (Spanish), Lyx recognizes that "\sin x" should be
> rendered as "sen x". The thing is that I don't know if this a
> desirable behavior.

> Again, should LaTeX do it automatically? Meaning, in the PDF.

This depends.

If you have formulas that you use in both, English (or German) and
Spanish documents (vie file inclusion or drag and drop) and want the
"localized" function names in Spanish, it makes sense to re-define \sin
to be rendered as "sen" in the Spanish document.

If you only write in Spanish, it is a matter of personal taste whether to
write \sin or \sen in the source.

You can re-define \sin in the preamble:


With LyX, you can use math-macros to define Spanish function names that
render as sen (etc) in LyX also without instant preview.


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