On Jan 25, 2013, at 1:27 AM, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:

> I have in the pas used Tex2word from Chikrii software with success. Equationa 
> are correctly translated in this case, figures not, but I prefer to include 
> them in the optimal format for Word myself. This is commercial software (a 
> plugin for Word), but it is not expensive and has even a lower education 
> pricing policy. It uses MathType (but the free version of it is enough). 
> Murat
Thanks for that information, Murat. Indeed, Tex2word was one of the Windows 
products that I saw near the top of a Google search.

One question about Word that I have not answered for myself is the relation 
between (on the Mac) Word 2011 and older versions of Word. The 2011 version has 
a built-in equation-setting function while older versions of Word used 
MathType, a separate program. I think this development has paralleled Word on 
Windows. So my question is, is the newer version just a better-integrated 
version of MathType or did Microsoft make their own? I gather that they are not 
compatible with one another.


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