On Jan 25, 2013, at 1:18 AM, Rainer M Krug wrote:

>>> Unless there is progress from other quarters in the meantime, I suppose 
>>> when the occasion 
>>> arises to make a conversion, I'll look into commercial options on Windows.
> Do they work as expected and reliably?

I have no idea. At least one company is charging $99 (USD) for their product. 

>>> As a Mac user, I can of course run Windows, but I don't relish the idea of 
>>> buying another 
>>> copy of Office, plus converter software for Windows. I don't mind paying 
>>> for commercial 
>>> software except Microsoft stuff which I find is generally of poor quality 
>>> (in fact, I often 
>>> prefer it)

Sorry for that confusing sentence. What I meant to say was that I frequently 
find that someone who charges money for their product is committed to keeping 
it up to date and improving it rather than letting it languish. Of course I say 
that with due deference to the amazing LyX team (and many other open source 
volunteer efforts) but not to a lot of one-person freeware projects who leave a 
sometimes large user base hanging, such as the case of the recent abandonment 
of the great word processor called Bean, on the Mac.

>>> but the extra hassle of going this route, with still unknown results, is 
>>> not 
>>> appealing. I think I recall a Windows converter from LaTeX to Word where 
>>> there was also 
>>> offered a manual conversion of anything that their software did not 
>>> convert, for an 
>>> additional fee per megabyte over a certain level of file size. What a mess.
> True - even though commercial, could you please report back if you find a 
> usable solution, as hee
> are quite a few users fighting regul;arly with conversion issues.

Of course.


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