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> Sorry to top post, but I rather suspect that plenty of authors use
> other open source programs, like LibreOffice. The truth is that, for
> most writing that would produce best-sellers, you could just as soon
> use Notepad, or a typewriter. The sophisticated features available
> with a program like LyX, or SWP, won't help that much.

OK, let's broaden my question to "what best sellers have been written
in ANY Open Source software, even Vim?"

I just really need some counterexamples to throw up once the inevitable
bullying starts.

> That said, one wonders what axe this person has to grind.

That was the exact question that came to my mind.

> On 06/09/2013 10:36 AM, Steve Litt wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > On one of my writers' mailing list, after I said I used LyX, a guy
> > who really does have what once was a best-seller wrote this:
> >
> > =======================================
> > "As for Lyx, you need to know that, with very few exceptions — none
> > of which immediately come to mind — open source programs have great
> > appeal for people who want to tinker with computers but almost none
> > for those who actually want to do something. Such apps tend to have
> > butt ugly interfaces and stupid names like Lyx and Snort and Gimp
> > and Phlegm. Last I saw, Lyx wasn't even WYSIWYG, for crying out
> > loud. Forewarned is forewarned. Or something like that."
> > =======================================


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