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> I'm willing to bet you won't find such an example. The reason is
> simple: more or less by definition a best-seller is book produced by
> a major commercial publishing house supported by a consistent
> marketing effort, heavily edited by a professional editor and laid
> out by a (team of ) typesetters according to a carefully designed
> house-specific graphic design project.

While that is the traditional definition of a best seller, it is
becoming less and less relevant.

I use LyX rather than Word (or its clones) because it allows me to
produce a presentable document in about half the time it takes with
Word. This is emphatically the case if it is a document requiring a
detailed table of contents, an index, or a bibliography, or if it
contains figures, cross-references or footnotes.

A further advantage of LyX that I have only come to appreciate in the
last year or two is that even without a specific converter LyX makes
the production of an ebook in EPUB format far easier than using a
conventional word processor. Preparing a document in Word for the
conversion is so "simple" that Smashwords has produced a 24,000 word
book on how to do it: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/52


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