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Hi all,

On one of my writers' mailing list, after I said I used LyX, a guy who
really does have what once was a best-seller wrote this:

"As for Lyx, you need to know that, with very few exceptions — none of
which immediately come to mind — open source programs have great appeal
for people who want to tinker with computers but almost none for those
who actually want to do something. Such apps tend to have butt ugly
interfaces and stupid names like Lyx and Snort and Gimp and Phlegm.
Last I saw, Lyx wasn't even WYSIWYG, for crying out loud. Forewarned is
forewarned. Or something like that."


As for word processors, they have great appeal to secretaries and businessmen, but little appeal for a writer that actually wants to get something done. They have butt ugly interfaces (ribbons!!) and stupid names like Word, WordStar, Photoshop (!!). Why a writer would want WYSIWYG is incomprehensible. A writer wants tools that facilitate writing, the won't lose work every time you turn around, that will open files more than a couple of years old. You have been warned.

Or something like that :-).

On the other hand, there is a good argument that trolls like this, even best-selling trolls, should simply be ignored.


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