What kind of  books does he write?  If
it's pure text then he probably does not need the power of LyX but on
the other hand if he's doing something complicated like writing
technical books then you can laugh  if he's doing it in Word.  And
come to think of it. if it's pure prose then he does not need WYSIWYG

I would not expect many mainstream
writers of novels and  gardening books to use LyX just as they
probably don't use LaTeX.  They would be unlikely to have had any
acquaintance with the tools of technical writing and so not even know
they exist. When the most complicated layout you ever need is an MLA
template for first year English you don't usually turn to LaTeX or
LyX. Their instructors won't know about it and so they cannot suggest

Even if LyX were the best tool for the
job authors can get by with what they know and may not even realise
there is a better way or just don't see a reason to put themselves
out for what they may perceive as small gains.  After you have seen
intelligent people write CVs in Lotus123 and Excel you can expect

Your best-seller author probably is
arguing from a  position of absolute and invincible ignorance.  He's
probably right but for the wrong reasons.

You might want to look at  the best
non-fiction sellers at Amazon's best-sellers' list. The first one is
The Algebra Survival Guide Workbook by Josh Rappaport  It might be a
LyX or LaTeX book. Hopefully it was not done in Word.

It's hard to know what tools authors
use to write books, most dust-jackets don't mention it. A bit of
googling seems to suggest that Neil Gaiman and J.K. Rowling use pens,
at least for a first draft. George Bernard Shaw wrote everything in
Pitman Shorthand. That is definitely not WYSIWYG. 

The same thing applies for
bibliographic management.  A student at the local college told me
that she had asked her instructors (Nursing) about software for
managing references. Their answer was they knew such things existed
but had no idea of how  to find or use them.  I talked her into  
using Zotero (with Word, sob) and she's saving an hour or so per
paper in the handling of citations and reference lists.  Maybe next
year for LyX and APA6.

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Subject: Anyone know of a best-seller written in LyX

Hi all,

On one of my writers' mailing list, after I said I used LyX, a guy who
really does have what once was a best-seller wrote this:

"As for Lyx, you need to know that, with very few exceptions  none of
which immediately come to mind  open source programs have great appeal
for people who want to tinker with computers but almost none for those
who actually want to do something. Such apps tend to have butt ugly
interfaces and stupid names like Lyx and Snort and Gimp and Phlegm.
Last I saw, Lyx wasn't even WYSIWYG, for crying out loud. Forewarned is
forewarned. Or something like that."

I already wrote back mocking his position and pointing out that if Open
Source got his undies that tight in a bundle, maybe there's something
interesting there, maybe everyone should try LyX, after all, it's free,
and gave the www.lyx.org URL.

But I can tell you this guy is going to come back and say he's a great
and mighty best selling author, ask how many books have I sold. While
books provide a part of my income, I have no best sellers, either now
or in the past.

So, when he comes back and asks that, it would be *wonderful* to give
the writer's list one or more best seller books (I think something with
an Amazon rank of less than 5000 would do it), to refute his statement,
by counterexample.

I'll say one more thing. A lot of writers seem to be proud of their
technophobia, and say mean and stupid stuff about LyX and other Open
Source. On their behalf, please allow *this* writer to apologize.

And as always, keep up the good work producing a great book writing
software (and perhaps now a web authoring software).



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