On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 1:16 PM, John Kane <jrkrid...@yahoo.ca> wrote:

> I seem to have forward search (LyX -> Ocular) working with Default Output
> Format set to PDF(pdflatex) and Syncronize with Output set to \synctex = 1
> but nothing at all seems to happen when I try reverse search (Ocular ->
> LyX).

Strange. No matter what I do, (Lyx->Okular) doesn't seem to work. It always
seems to drop me on the first page.

> What activation method works with reverse search? I've been using
> cntl-left click (along with a few other random keystroke combinations) with
> no results at all.

When I am in Okular, and have the browse tool active (hand-shaped tool),
then shift-click, it jumps to the correct location in the LyX file.


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