For me, Forward/Reverse search only works with pdflatex.
For Xelatex I probably should enter with some custom configuration.  If anyone 
knows how to do it, please advise.

Even with pdflatex, reverse search works ok, but for Forward search the 
"--unique" specification is not obeyed.  Every time I want the jump LyX => PDF, 
a new instance of Okular is launched.

On Tuesday 10 September 2013 08:00:04 stefano franchi wrote:
> Has anyone managed to get forward/reserve search fully working when using
> LuaTeX as a backend?
> Automatic setting fails with LuaTeX (for me, at least).
> I got reverse search (from pdf to lyx) working by following the manual
> setup instructions in the Additional Features manual: creating a custom
> format (pdf6: Luatex/Synctex) and changing the compilation instruction to:
> lualatex -synctex=1 $$i
> Regular LuaTeX compilation would otherwise fail with an "Undefined control
> sequence" error on the /synctex line in the preamble.
> But I cannot get the forward search (lyx-->pdf) working properly. When I
> select "Forward search" from the pop-up dialog I always get a new okular
> instance. The Okular command in Tools->Preferences->Output->General is
> okular --unique "$$o#src:$$n $$f"
> Apparently, the unique flag is ignored.
> Cheers,
> Stefano
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