On Thursday 17 October 2013 11:48:30 Rudi Gaelzer wrote:
> Even with pdflatex, reverse search works ok, but for Forward search the 
> "--unique" specification is not obeyed.  Every time I want the jump LyX => 
> PDF, a new instance of Okular is launched.

Actually, this is not rigorously true. The behavior is more puzzling than that.
If I first open an okular instance with View -> PDF (or clicking on the icon), 
from that window I can do Reverse search all right.
However, if I ask for a Forward search, a second okular window opens on the 
correct location, and with this second window I can perform both Forward and 
Reverse.  However, if I exit LyX, open the document again and select Navigate 
-> Forward search as the first thing, LyX warns me that I should first compile 
the document...

So, I guess that this is still an okular bug...

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