Get "Spybot Search & Destroy" and "AdAware".

Spybot is freeware. There's a free version of AdAware.

Those programs find and remove thousands of nasty
programs, ActiveX controls, advertising downloaders,
dialers, Browser Helper Objects, tracking cookies,
data miners and more. You need both because they each
find things the other doesn't.

If you're not running an antivirus program or you're
tired of paying for updates, get the free version of
AVG 7.0. Updates are free and very frequent for both
the program and the virus definitions.

If you haven't updated to Service Pack 2 for Windows
XP, do it NOW. I haven't run into any software that
has problems with SP2, plus it adds many new (and
actually useful) things to XP. Internet Explorer
finally gets pop-up blocking, which will stop many
nasty ActiveX controls and other automatically
downloaded "malware".

It will be total Fandemonium, Summer 2005!
Check website for further info.

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