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> FYI, the Mozilla browsers are free/open source software and I'm told you
> will find them to be similar to Safari (I believe the story is that the
> lead developer of Safari had been a major player on the Mozilla team, so
> a lot of the concepts and features of Mozilla were incorporated into
> Safari).
> Mozilla (or its popular "lean 'n' mean" li'l brother, Mozilla Firefox)
> can be downloaded from http://www.mozilla.org . At least Firefox also
> exists in a Mac OS X version, plus they have a parallel browser project
> going called Camino, which I believe is more tuned to the Aqua interface.

Firefox and it's big brother Mozilla have a some advantages that might not
seem so at 1st look. The fact that it's user supported equals if and when
issues do come up. They tend to get addressed more quickly than the
commercial browsers. I like the nice code of firefox myself. It harkens back
to the days of non bloated code. While the "New Netscape" might be based on
the same core code it's been bloated with "features" that are nothing more
than plugs for AOL's on line services.

Far as the original problem I've run into once of twice. The one of the
times I ran into something similar was having three apps wanting to control
my burner. iTunes, Nero and Windows built in burning services. Either of the
two would co-exist fine but all three caused a problem.

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