Exactly Lee but this was a survey of 91,000 people between 2014 and 2017 with 
their experiences rather than Consumer Report testing….that’s a pretty large 
sample..and similar to the methodology on Auto reliability….I’ve even had a few 
of their questionnaires mailed to me for completion….

This is more trustworthy than your example below for us to decide to make a 
purchase.  I used these reliability numbers to purchase our last Washer and 
Dryer as well as other products…It’s like looking for consumer ratings of a 
product when shopping on line….there have been many items I thought I wanted 
until I read the reviews…..it’s the same with the Surface….if this many folks 
are having problems it’s not a product I want to purchase and am thankful the 
information is made available to us.

> On Aug 11, 2017, at 11:26 AM, Lee Larson <leelar...@me.com> wrote:
> On Aug 10, 2017, at 9:32 PM, John Robinson <profilecoven...@me.com 
> <mailto:profilecoven...@me.com>> wrote:
>> If you have friends considering these products you might want to have them 
>> check Consumer Reports……
> I long ago stopped trusting Consumer Reports for much of anything except cars 
> and home appliances—the stuff they test all the time and for which they have 
> developed expertise.
> Years ago, I saw a report they completely messed up on bicycle brake pads. I 
> knew something about bicycle brake pads because I used to be a pretty serious 
> cyclist. They took a weighted bicycle wheel in a test jig and spun it up to a 
> certain rpm and tested how quickly different pads could bring it to a stop. 
> The highest rated were the ones that stopped it most quickly. The problem was 
> good pads are designed to provide even friction and steady slowing because 
> locking the wheel is a bad thing. For example, so you don’t go over the 
> handlebars, if you just tap the front brake.
> I’ve always been annoyed by their methodology and conclusions when testing 
> computers.
> Then there’s the recent débâcle over the iPhone 4 antenna and flawed battery 
> testing method in the 2016 MacBook Pro. (They recanted both of these.)
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