with Halscope i wasnt able to get any information but halmeter i was, when 
spindle stop it said "0", when i pressed the "+" on the right side of stop 
button i get "1", when i press it again i get "101" and so on in 100 
increment steps. i may ask the manufacturer about this problem

Am Donnerstag, 22. September 2016 19:42:46 UTC+2 schrieb Sag ich Dir nich:
> the funny thing i just discovered is, the motor turns even if the machine 
> is powered down, only when i pull the plug of the power supply, the motor 
> shuts off
> Am Donnerstag, 22. September 2016 19:37:19 UTC+2 schrieb Charles 
> Steinkuehler:
>> On 9/22/2016 12:21 PM, Sag ich Dir nich wrote: 
>> > so now i added a scale (which is maximum rpm) and i can command various 
>> speeds 
>> > but still the motor vibrates. somehow it sounds like it ramps up and 
>> down a bit 
>> > when commanding for example 2000rpm. Noise could probably be, i may 
>> change the 
>> > output to another port (had some coordinate moves with various spindle 
>> speeds 
>> > and when one axis changed direction, the motor stopped for a few 
>> milliseconds), 
>> > is there any pin i can use for pwm that has 5v output on its own? 
>> The PRU generated PWM output is fairly low frequency.  You may need to 
>> increase the PWM frequency (which will decrease the available 
>> resolution) or use one of the hardware PWM outputs.  I don't think 
>> there is a HAL driver to talk directly to the BBB's hardware PWM 
>> channels, but for spindle speed a user-mode python script should work 
>> fine. 
>> There is nothing on the BBB that generates a 5V output (3.3V only), 
>> and no 5V buffered outputs on the CRAMPS boards (just the FET outputs). 
>> If there is an analog input to your motor control, you could craft a 
>> low-pass filter and the low-speed PWM wouldn't matter that much. 
>> > what do you mean by "pull-up"? 
>> A pull-up resistor to 5V.  A resistor between the FET output and the 
>> power rail to pull the output high when the FET turns off. 
>> -- 
>> Charles Steinkuehler 
>> cha...@steinkuehler.net 

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