Sun, May 06, 2007 at 05:07:46PM -0400:  Sherm Pendley mangled some bits into 
this alignment:
> On May 6, 2007, at 3:25 PM, Alex Robinson wrote:
> >I wish even more that Apple had picked you up and made CamelBones a  
> >first class citizen.
> Good news: That may still happen.

Good news indeed.

Before I go any further I ought to introduce myself since I am new to 
the list. My name is Jeremiah Foster and I'm a perl hacker and OS X 
softie - perfect for this list eh?  =)
> >So, why has Apple ignored CamelBones?
> What all this means is, first-class scripting support is actually  
> language-neutral, and even though Leopard will be the first OS  
> version to include it, nothing about it will require Leopard. At the  
> edges, specific support for RubyCocoa and PyObjC basically means that  
> their frameworks and project templates are included with Leopard.
> >Why did the OS X loving bit of the perl community sit by and let  
> >PyObjC become the default bridge.
> I blame the CamelBones management - i.e. myself.

Great to see such candor from a developer, it is commendable. 

I blog and write a bit on O'Reilly's web site, maybe I can work
out a blog posting about CamelBones? Hopefully that would add 
traffic/users/donations which would be a good thing. Let me know
if you are interested sherm. I am afraid I cannot offer financial
support at this time since I am also not gainfully employed in a
permanent fashion, just some writing and such, but if I can help
in other ways I would love to. Perhaps you can post a wish list to 
this mailing list so that those who can hack, provide bandwidth,
etc. can contribute if that is useful to you.

In any case, I am very interested in perl, OS X, and CamelBones and
am willing to use my little soap box to further their vitality.



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