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On 5/8/07, at 5:25 PM -0400, Sherm Pendley wrote:
It's not just in Mac circles either - there's a very widespread
misconception that Perl is useful for system admins, web developers,
and little else. One thing I find personally frustrating is the
corollary, that Perl *programmers* must be admins or web devs.

I'm a "retired" mathematician, myself.

Is that something you can *really* retire from? Or are you doing the same thing you've always done, only now without bosses and schedules to distract you? :-)

I can't even administer my own (iMac) system, but I use Perl constantly. I am not particularly interested in Camel Bones, but I do use the ShuX application quite often. You had something to do with that didn't you, Sherm? I believe I got it from your site.

Yes, ShuX was the first CamelBones app. When I switched to Mac OS X, I found that a couple of years of using MacPerl and Shuck had thoroughly spoiled me for readable docs. I simply could not stand going back to reading them in fixed-pitch Monaco again. I had a little sign over my monitor for a while that said "Times or Bust." :-)

Funny thing is, I like Monaco for command-line work, and for editing text in BBEdit. It's only for reading docs that it really bothers my eyes.

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