On 5/9/07 Peter N Lewis wrote:

>Perhaps folks have some ideas for apps that could be written in 
>CamelBones? Something that would presumably use some of the vast CPAN 
>facilities to make something cool with minimal programming effort.

Mine would not be as flashy as games, but I'm working toward two related
CB goals: 

- a GUI for a bunch of data-handling and text processing stuff that I
now do in Perl using cli or BBEdit worksheets and then import to
Filemaker for some outputs and also for lookups and data input by
non-technical users; and

- a spreadsheet GUI that is nothing but a means of accessing and
displaying the cells of a table, no built-in functions, with an API
capable of accepting libraries of whatever Perl code I need to use
(math, text, network) for operations by cell, row, column, sub-table.


- Bruce


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