OK, sir, I won't give your real name publicly here on list, as you've asked me 
kindly not to do so, and I'll respect that wish.  You know I know who you are 
though, and that we just were talking on Twitter.

You asked me over Twitter DM what I think.  OK. Do you want the truth, or do 
you want me to sugarcode it?

If sugarcode please, then, I'd say, I have simply no comments.  But if you want 
the bold frank truth, then here it is, like it or not:

I think both you and Scott need to take the drama off list and sease 
immediately from the name calling publicly.  It's not benefiting the group, 
and, regardless sir, if I agree with your assessment of Scott's comments or 
not, that isn't rellavent.  The point is, take it off list.  This isn't 
publicly where these type comments belong.  Though I appreciate you sticking up 
for me, don't misinterpret what I'm saying, I don't think this list publicly is 
where these type debates need to occur.

Scott's e-mail is:


If you have something personal like this to say to Scott, any of you, do it off 
list.  I'm not a mod, but I think both Mark, and Cara would concur.  I'm not 
trying to play mod, though it may sound that way.  I'm simply just sayin, and 
after all, you did! ask my opinion, did you not?


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