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Cathy Campo via Marxism wrote: > I fear this thread is becoming repetitive.
Louis:  Yup.

These two replies are exactly why Clay (and I) often comment about the 
"Whiteness" of these kinds of discussions. How dare someone like Clay press a 
point when he is challenged and how convenient it becomes for White radicals to 
judge such responses as "repetitive" and others assenting so as, essentially, 
to signal "they" have ended the conversation for us. I was about to reply to 
Clay for what i believe were his mistaken views on issues of "localism" and the 
perception that he is being challenged because he has nothing to say if he 
isn't "there". However, the discussion is considered ended because it is 
"repetitive", which to any activist of color engaged in numerous political 
debates has always meant that "our" desire to engage in debate is subject to 
dismissal at the behest of Whites who simply don't to hear what we have to say 
or consider a contrary view: especially from people of color or women. 
I do not even agree with Clay  on the issues in this thread, but not because I 
believe that his method--to disagree by metaphor or short commentary indicating 
a point of view--is "repetitive" or otherwise exhausting the conversation. I 
have more in common with Cathy's and Kevin's (glad to see that the last message 
from Cathy was in her own voice rather than as a "couple"). However, I am 
forced to come to Clay's defense because of the utter dismissive, thoroughly 
privileged, "entitled" attitude that "repetitive" and "yup" so drippingly 
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